At Dobson Lawn & Landscape Inc. we understand that the landscape design process can be overwhelming. We work with each client on an individual basis to help us understand what vision you have for your outdoor living space. During the initial consultation, we will ask questions to get a sense of what you want to accomplish in your new landscape, likes and dislikes, color preferences, future plans, and budget to design and build a custom landscape to address your needs. During the design process we will work to provide you with plan that offers the best flow from space to space, focal points and views within the garden and from your indoor living spaces, and plant selection and placement to provide varied texture and visual interest throughout the year.


At Dobson Lawn & Landscape Inc., we have found that the best way to achieve a thriving landscape is to provide services as one harmonious service. We are able to help you achieve the landscape of your dreams whether it is a new or an existing landscape. From planting to maintenance we will help you create an outdoor living space that is a sanctuary, a place to entertain, or an outdoor playroom.


While “hardscape” is not a term used widely outside of the landscape industry the concept is ancient. Creating areas from stone, brick, concrete or other hard materials helps us easily move from one location to another or provides a solid, stable surface for gatherings. Dobson Lawn & Landscape Inc. offers a full spectrum of hardscape design and installation services, Patios, Walkways and Garden Paths, Driveways, Firepits, Outdoor Kitchens, Seating walls … These are just a few of the hardscape features that can be incorporated into your design to enhance your landscape and provided an outdoor living space.


Whether a new or existing landscape, all things green need care. This includes your lawn, planting beds, shrubbery, trees and more. We provide many services for your property to help maintain it to your standards. Comprehensive maintenance programs for each season Weekly estate maintenance Programs to foster healthy lawn Mulching Seasonal pruning


As a certified Tree Expert, Timmy Dobson, Jr. has years of knowledge about tree types, soils and proper planting techniques. Dead limbs and overgrown trees are dangerous and a hazard to your home, overhead wiring, and property. After careful inspection of your trees Dobson Lawn & Landscape Inc. can help you identify the best method to help maintain healthy trees on your property. Our trees services also include stump grinding and brush chipping.


Dobson Lawn & Landscape Inc. offers a full range of landscape services. Property clean up following a storm, snow clearing, grading to correct drainage problems, clearing overgrown brush, shoreline work, or bushhogging a field are just a few of the add services we provide. We have the experience and the equipment to hand all of your landscape needs.


DOBSON LANDSCAPE CERTIFICATIONS mhic# 135350 Fertilizer application MDA-F0763 Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Service Licensed Tree Expert #1046
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